No Moss Technicians utilize a non-pressure, manufacturer approved roof cleaning. Many cleaning contractors like to use the term “Soft Wash” but their process includes using a pressure washer.
We never use pressure. We've partnered with an experienced building contractor and certified roof inspector, and have seen the consistent damage this causes, even by highly experienced professionals.

Our “Soft Wash” process produces immediate results that last four to six times longer than pressure washing. As far as the results, we let our real customer testimonials and non-manipulated before and after photos speak for themselves.

We enjoy providing a knowledgeable solution to the problem of dirty roofs in Santa Cruz, Monterey, the Silicon Valley and now in the Sacramento and Northern California areas. If you are interested in our services or have any questions regarding the causes of roof algae or the proper method of removing it, feel free to contact us. Click here for more information ©2015

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•Removes Dark Shading and Staining Completely
•Lasts 4-6 Times Longer Than Pressure Washing
•Safer, More Effective & Less Destructive
•Disinfects & Sanitizes
•100% Kill Ratio on Mold, Mildew & Bacteria